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6.1oz Linen Blend Jacquard - Moss

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Composition: 70.1% Cotton, 15.5% Rayon, 14.4% Linen

Width: 130cm / 51"

Weight: 6.1oz/210gsm


This 6.1oz Linen Blend Jacquard - Iron fabric is a blend of 70.1% Cotton, 15.5% Rayon, and 14.4% Linen. Crafted on a jacquard loom, it offers a reversible design, showcasing intricate patterns on both sides.

Soft and breathable, this fabric is ideal for spring/summer/fall outfits like dresses, shirts, skirts, tops, pants, and wraps. Its excellent opacity ensures versatile wear. It combines the timeless charm of linen with modern jacquard weaving, offering both elegance and comfort.