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PDF Pattern Printing

PDF Pattern Printing

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Yes, we will print your PDF patterns in large format sheets. No more cutting and taping your patterns together! All you need to do is upload your files by clicking the button below.

The cost per A0 size page is $7.50. Therefore, if your pattern is 3 x A0 sized pages the cost will be $22.50. We require a deposit of $7.50 (1 page) to begin printing your order. If your upload contains multiple pages and/or multiple files you can pay the outstanding charge upon pick-up. 

Please read instructions below:

  • Please upload a pattern document that has A0 in the title, we can also take US Copy Shop but we prefer A0 files. 
  • Your files must be in PDF format 
  • We require a deposit of $7.50 to begin printing, if there are multiple pages/files you can pay the remainder of the cost upon pick-up
  • Usually printing takes 2-4 business days, we will notify you by email when your patterns are ready for pick-up. Click here for Hours & Location. 
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