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OLFA Rotary Cutter - 45mm
OLFA Rotary Cutter - 45mm

OLFA Rotary Cutter - 45mm

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The best rotary cutter is brought to you by OLFA, the first in the industry for rotary cutting tools. 

Look no further than the OLFA 45mm RTY-2/G Straight Handle Rotary Cutter for simplicity and efficiency in fabric cutting. The included OLFA RB45-1 Rotary Blade will maintain an extra sharp edge throughout your sewing or fabrication project. The widely applicable 45 mm rotary blade mounts to a classically designed straight handle, comfortable in the right or left hand and perfect for cutting quilting shapes or strips. Slip the convenient blade guard into place in-between cuts for added safety. 

The durable OLFA rotary cutter blade is constructed of tough tungsten steel, capable of tackling materials such as flannel, cardstock, and even leather or vinyl. Textured grooves on either side of the handle allow for stable handling. Use the convenient hole in the handle to hang this classic quilting tool in your sewing or crafting workspace. 

  • Designed for right- and left-handed crafters 
  • Cuts with very little effort 
  • Produces clean, straight edges 
  • Tungsten steel blade