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Hemline Gold Tomato Pincushion
Hemline Gold Tomato Pincushion

Hemline Gold Tomato Pincushion

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Hemline Gold is an exclusive range of high quality sewing products inspired by the rich history of the haberdashery industry, fused with sleek and modern finishes. Drawing inspiration from traditional Victorian heritage and craftsmanship the Hemline Gold range has been designed and manufactured with performance, conscience and style in mind.

  • Hand-crafted novelty tomato pincushion in Hemline Gold Signature Print
  • Extra large size to safely secure all of your needles and pins. 
  • Includes pin/needle sharpener (extra "chili" filled with emery powder)*

*The little chili attached to the tomato pincushion is filled with emery powder and, similar to an emery board for filing your nails, the gently abrasive powder removes burrs from the tips of needles and/or pins.