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Top Travel-Friendly Sewing Projects for Easy Crafting

Top Travel-Friendly Sewing Projects for Easy Crafting

Taking some time away this summer? Want to work on a sewing project but worried that taking your machine to the beach would draw some funny looks? Explore these project ideas perfect for sewing on the go.


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Sashiko mending: If you've never tried it before, Sashiko-style visible mending is a very satisfying and beginner-friendly way to repair much-loved garments (especially denim). All you need to bring with you is your item for mending, Sashiko threadsnips, needles, and a good book with tips and instructions.  For general mending we recommend a darning egg or mending loom kit which comes with instructions for effortless mending. 


Fix those buttons: Do any of your garments have some precariously dangling buttons that need some reinforcement? Have some socks that need darning? This is a totally beach-friendly project that is quick and satisfying. You just need a needle and some appropriate thread!


Embroidery/personalization: We love adding a little pizazz to a garment with embroidery or personalization (hello cute monogrammed tee!). All you need for this project is your soon-to-be-not-boring item for pizazzing, embroidery thread, needles, scissors, some wash-away stabilizer and a water-soluble pen for marking your garment. 


Tracing/cutting/prep: Have a big project on the horizon? Vacation is a great time to do some of your prep work! If space allows, bring your pattern and fabric and get that pattern traced and cut out. Post-vacation you will be grateful for your efforts! 


As you embark on your summer adventure, remember to pack your sewing essentials and enjoy the satisfaction of crafting wherever you go. Let the relaxing sound of waves accompany your stitching journey, and return from your vacation with not just cherished memories but also tangible evidence of your creative skills.

Happy sewing!

Karalee & Nakita



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