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Is the pattern sold out? Are you eager to get started right away? 

Follow these steps to purchase a digital pattern and have it printed at Main Fabric. You will be able to get started on your pattern within the week! 

  1. Click the link in the DETAILS above to visit the designer's product page. 
  2. Choose your size range (if applicable) and for type choose "PDF" or "Digital".
  3. Complete your online transaction through the pattern designer's website. 
  4. Download your files to your computer. 
  5. Visit Main Fabric's PDF Printing page and upload the file that has "A0" in the file title. 
  6. Complete your online transaction with Main Fabric.
  7. You will receive notification once your print is ready for pick-up at the store.
  8. Start Sewing!

Digital/PDF pattern printing may be new to you and changing your routine requires effort that you may not have time for. We get it! But take a look at the digital pattern benefits below:

  • Access to a wider range of amazing patterns, even FREE patterns from your favorite designers 
  • Pattern is printed on sturdier paper rather than tissue paper that can get easily ruined and disintegrate. 
  • Having the file on your computer or in the cloud (forever?) in case you want to or need to print it again. 
  • Supporting small, independent pattern designers who may not have the capital to invest in paper pattern printing