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TENCEL™ LYOCELL/Linen Voyage Navy

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Composition: 85% TENCEL™ Lyocell, 14% linen. Oeko-Tex certified.

Width: 154cm / 60”

Weight: 203gsm/6 oz

Drape: Fluid

This is beautifully versatile cloth that works for so many patterns, it has a soft fluid drape with a matte finish. The small amount of linen gives the fabric more body and a slightly slubby finish. It also makes it easier to work with!

Tencel is made from wood pulp that’s harvested from tree farms that are sustainably managed and traceable. The fiber production itself is more eco-friendly than cotton production due to its’ closed-loop process. This means that up to 99% of the water and solvents used are recycled and reused. 

This fabric is medium-weight with a beautiful drape, perfect for making swishy tops, dresses, skirts, and even lightweight jackets.