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1.4 MTR REMNANT 7.9oz Stretch Corduroy - Black

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Composition: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Width: 140cm / 55”

Weight: 270gsm/7.9 oz

Drape: Stiff

This is a 1.4 Meter Remnant. There is 1 available. Quantity 1 = 1.4 meters.

A medium-weight corduroy fabric made with sustainable cotton and a hint of spandex. The wale (number of ribs per inch of fabric) on this corduroy is 21. This fabric comes in 3 colours - Black, Fawn (light khaki), and Liquorice (deep green/black). 

This fabric is a medium-weight cotton with 2% stretch, perfect for making spring/summer bottoms and skirts or a lightweight bomber jacket.