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0.5 MTR REMNANT 2.8oz Athena Gauze Yarn Dye - Sienna

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Composition: 100% Cotton

Width: 106cm / 42”

Weight: 2.8oz/100gsm

Drape: Soft

This is a .5 Meter Remnant. There is 1 available. Quantity 1 = .5 meters.

These lightweight, single gauze 100% cotton yarn dyes are a beautiful choice for spring to fall apparel. Slightly crinkling and delicate woven accents make this fabric look hand embroidered. The fabric will soften as you wash and has a slight crosswise give. This fabric comes in 3 colours - Sienna, Charcoal, and Cream. 

Lightweight, semi-opaque fabric perfect for breezy tops, robes, or dresses.